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In Nature Plus we want health information to get to the people as soon as possible because World Health Organisation(WHO) said that by 2020 Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes alone will be the cause of twenty percent global death. We want to give nutrition a face in the society. 

what does it cost the Director, the CEO or the BM of a bank to give us an appointment on one of their meeting days to give a short presentation which is also to the benefit the company and the staffs, because if the staffs are healthy, vibrant, when they have good cognitive function, their productivity level will increase. We found out that the company payless in managing the health of the staffs, so the staffs and the company save more than paying into health scheme that they don’t enjoy only if they are sick.   

When we present to the Head of the company with our introductory/proposal letter stating a no charge presentation and all the benefit of our vital information to the staffs and the company as a whole, thereby offering them the opportunity to know their health status and offer a timely solution.


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